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Why People Prefer Custom Stairs In New York?

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Why People Prefer Custom Stairs In New York?
Why People Prefer Custom Stairs In New York?

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your old one, there are numerous choices to be made. One such crucial choice is between the custom wooden stairs and carpeted stairs. Every day, there are numerous customers that call our experts to take advice on the trending hardwood stairs.

custom made stairs in New YorkThe hardwood stairs are known for their elegance, class, and panache that they add to the aesthetics of the home. At Second Generation Wood Stairs, we make sure that your custom wooden stairs not only go with your home but give your home a statement piece.

Due to the increasing trend and its numerous benefits, more and more homeowners are opting for the custom wooden stairs in Brooklyn. Are you still on the fence? Here are the benefits of opting for the custom stairs in Brooklyn:

Easily Refinished – One of the amazing reasons to opt for the customized hardwood stairs is that despite the strong traffic, they are low maintenance. The stairs are the focal point of any home and thus, they need to be strong enough to stay refined and fresh even after a long time. Unlike, the carpeted stairs, the hardwood stairs do not collect dust and are not prone to the staining. With time, the wooden stairs get more refined and classy. It is extremely easy to add balusters, handrails, and other elements to the stairs later.

Easily Cleaned – Another amazing reason to add custom wooden stairs to your home is the low maintenance. The carpeted stairs are extremely hard to vacuum and end up getting hard to remove stains. If the occupants of the home have allergies or asthma, then carpeted stairs are not the choice you should take. Hardwood floors are not only hypoallergenic but only require occasional mopping to stay clean.

Easily Adaptable – Unlike the carpeted stairs where numerous factors have to be considered before updating them, the wooden stairs are easily adaptable and require no major changes to upgrade. Our experts are able to add new banisters and make the required changes according to the trend.

Cost – While the installation of the hardwood stairs is a bit more on the expensive side, the carpeted stairs are not far behind. Due to their low maintenance, the hardwood stairs cost less in the long run. This cannot be said about the carpeted stairs as they cost more with all the cleaning.

The wooden stairs offer more longevity, flexibility, and durability. This means that the stairs are more likely to remain beautiful for a long period of time. The hardwood stairs also play a major role in increasing the value of the real estate.

Want to add or know more about a custom wooden stairs to your home? Contact us! At Second Generation Wood Stairs, we offer wooden spiral staircase and custom wooden stairs in Brooklyn and whole of NYC.