How long do Special Orders take to ship?

We treat your special order just like it is for our own use! We work with the best manufacturers/suppliers in the business. You get the benefit of that relationship with your order.

If I don’t have plans or the stair is different than the plans?

We need to know the room diameter where the stair is to be installed. Show where doors, windows & walls are to be located.

How can I tell if a curved stair will work in my house?

If you don’t have a set of plans, measure the floor area of the desired location. Make note of the windows, doors and anything else that might interfer with a stair in your chosen location. This can save you a lot of time and money before you go to that architect!

Can we pre-paint all parts?

We do not recommend it. There is cutting & fitting to a job. That means you would be scraping & sanding through the finish. This will leave a blemish! We offer balusters with a pre-prime on them.

Do you finish, stain or paint my stair & railings?

We do offer “certain styles of pre-primed balusters” but we do not do any painting or staining of any kind.

I have most or all the stair parts, will you install them for me?

No! The parts you have may have been made or ordered with a different idea of installation than we have planned. We can not warranty our workmanship if we use materials by others