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Which type of stairs is safer for your family?

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  • Which type of stairs is safer for your family?
Which type of stairs is safer for your family?
Which type of stairs is safer for your family?

Stairs are installed in residential and commercial buildings in order to connect floors, so that people can have access to different floors. Because staircases handle traffic between floors, it is extremely important to make them safe and convenient. If you are planning to install new wooden staircases in your house, then you must choose the safest option.

But, how do you know which type of staircases is safer for your family?

The following information should help you in choosing the most appropriate and safest type of stairs for your home:

Straight – This is the traditional type of stairs. It is a beneficial option if you also plan to install a stair lift in your house. Lifts are usually installed in houses for people with disabilities. Straight stairways are also easy to climb, which increases safety levels.

Curved – Curved stairs are also considered safe for any type of building. Hand railing along this style of stairways provides the necessary support for climbing to the next levels. It also protects a person from falling too down the stairs far in case they trip. The slight curving or landings in this type of stairs, work as a barrier.

Spiral – Wooden spiral staircases are usually installed in homes with limited space. Additionally these styles of stairs provide a high level of safety in case someone slips and falls, as its continuous spirals and railings stop a person from falling too far down. However, it is still necessary to pay attention when climbing or going down any type of stairs.

You can choose from any of these options, depending on what’s most convenient for your house and your family’s safety.