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What do you need to consider for your wooden staircase?

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  • What do you need to consider for your wooden staircase?
What do you need to consider for your wooden staircase?
What do you need to consider for your wooden staircase?

Are you planning to renovate your home and thinking about which stairs to install? Staircases are as old as architecture itself and are very common in modern day homes. Talking about staircase, there are a number of staircases that are available in the market. Each one of them have their own benefits. When renovating your house, it is mandatory to think about which kind of staircase will suit to your house.

Wooden Stairs New York

One of the most common and preferred stairs are wooden stairs. There are a lot of factors that make each type of wood different. Because of this your options can overwhelm you. Hopefully we can help you stay away from the stress and anxiety that you face during decision making by explaining the basics of choosing the best type of wooden stairs for your home.

Now when it comes to choosing wood for your staircase, it’s crucial to use high quality wood. As a matter of fact, wood is available in plenty of style, material, quality and color.

The type of wood you choose should be based on your requirements and budget. And where and how much you want to use wood to build your staircase. Moreover, if your wooden staircase will have support or not.

Moreover, wood tends to worn out over time if not maintained properly. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right wood that stands the test of time. And when it comes to wooden staircase, there are a number of options and themes that you can choose from. However, all of them will be limited by the type or the grade of wood that you choose while renovating your home.

Grade factors:Make sure you focus on all the grade factors. These factors consist of the following:

•    Carpet grade
•    Paint grade
•    Stain grade
•    Finish grade

Carpet grade: Carpet woods usually differ in colors and contain knots and voids. This particular grade is known as “carpet grade” because most of the time it is covered with carpet because of its poor quality.

Paint grade: Paint grades are somewhat similar to carpet grades. They too differ in color. Paint grade contains less knots and voids. These type of wood lacks quality and aesthetic appeal. Most of the time it is covered with a paint finish, which is why it is known as “paint grade.”

Finish grade: Talking about stain grades and finish grades, these type of woods are of high quality. Stain grade woods contain less knots and have a uniform grain. These woods are popular and are great for staining.

Stain grade: The best grades are known as finish grades. These consist of hardwoods like oak, cherry, and maple. These woods can also be stained, and they contain no flaws when compared to other grades.

Before getting started make sure you gather all the information about the different type of staircase. If you have enough idea of what you require, you will be well on your way to look for the best woods. Moreover do not feel shy in clearing your doubts. Consult an expert and know what you need to know. If you are still confused, you can ask for help from the experts. The experts will guide you properly and will help you in the decision making.

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