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How to Clean Your Wood Stairs on Your New York Property

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How to Clean Your Wood Stairs on Your New York Property
How to Clean Your Wood Stairs on Your New York Property

Wood stairs are an investment that adds style and value to your home or business. At Second Generation Stairs, we recommend that you adopt a cleaning routine that will help maintain the beauty of your wood stairs in your New York property for years to come. Wood stairs are very easy to clean and maintain, so it is why if you take a look at some of the tips that we offer below in how to keep them clean, you will ensure the longevity of your stairs.

Cleaning Interior Wood Staircases

Wood stairs are made of natural and durable material and do require a bit more care than metal stairs. First, you’ll want to sweep or vacuum any dust or debris that has accumulated on your stairs starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom. Once you’ve done a thorough sweep and dusting of your stairs, you’ll then want to take a damp sponge and wipe down the surface of the stairs, and then follow it up with a dry cloth to avoid any other wet spots that could be absorbed into your wood and cause the stairs to warp.

The final step would be to use a mild cleaning solution like Murphy’s Oil. Be sure you are using a cleaner that is specifically made for wood stairs . Harsh chemicals can damage your stairs or leave undesirable streaks that could be hard to remove without replacing a stair. Follow all the instructions on the cleaning label and use either a mop or damp cloth to follow through with the cleaning solution, and then using a soft dry cloth, you will dry your stairs, and once you’re done, they’ll look shiny and brand new.

Cleaning Exterior Wooden Stairs

If you’ve opted for outdoor wood stairs in New York, then you’ll realize that you will have to take some extra time to maintain them properly. Usual wear and tear, weather, and heat can all play a massive part in your stairs longevity, and if they aren’t properly maintained, you’ll find you might have to replace your stairs sooner, rather than later, which can become costly down the road. You want to avoid any high-cost repairs by proper maintenance your stairs should last for a long time.

Cleaning wood stairs, you should begin by once again, sweeping your stairs and deck, from top to bottom. Then you’ll want to use a pressure washer to ensure to remove any dirt and debris that could be stuck in the crevices. Things can get trapped within the crevices, and without proper cleaning, it can lead to moisture and heat becoming trapped and causing the growth of mildew or algae.

Once you’ve used a power washer, you’ll want to apply a deck cleaning solution and follow the instructions, making sure to test a small area before applying the rest to your wood stairs or deck. Once you’ve thoroughly scrubbed your stairs, you’ll use the power washer again and give the area at least 48 hours to dry before you apply a waterproof sealer to your stairs. Which is essential to protecting the wood on your staircases to ensure it lasts for years to come.

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