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Guide To Install New Stairs In Your Establishment

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Guide To Install New Stairs In Your Establishment
Guide To Install New Stairs In Your Establishment

Whether you’re considering to install new stairs in your establishment, or just planning to update your current staircase with a new one, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The staircase not only makes the ultimate statement feature of your home but it also is the gateway to climbing up and down the stairs. Being such an important part, people still tend to forget about their stairs. They consider it as just a functional part, so they don’t give thoughts about redecorating and updating their staircase. However, your staircase deserves equal care and attention as your home. You can also choose a professional stairs provider in Brooklyn to get the desired staircase in your establishment. We, at Second Generation Wood Stairs, deal in all types of stairs for various establishments.

Custom Wooden Staircase

If you’re planning to install new or update your existing stairs, the following are the top do’s and don’ts you need to consider, ensuring that everything goes well.

  • Do Stick To Your Budget – Before you make any commitment, make sure you conduct some research on the available options of stairs provider and set up your budget. Depending on the project and the amount of work required, home improvement projects can become expensive, and you may end up exceeding your budget. This is the worst thing anyone can imagine. Therefore, you must set a budget and make sure you stay within the budget to avoid uninvited surprises from your bank balance.
  • Do Conduct An Extensive Research – Although there are a variety of ways you can install a new staircase or update the look of your existing stairs, each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. This is why, people need to perform plenty of research to ensure that you get your hands on the best staircase solution, meeting all your requirements.
  • Don’t Settle For Low Quality – Since the staircase is not only the functional part of your home but it also improves the aesthetic value of your home, so it’s mandatory to make it look appealing along with doing its job safely. Most people tend to go for cheaper materials to save a few dollars. But, the staircase adds value to your home and it’s a one-time investment, therefore you should never compromise on quality. When it comes to top-quality materials, they are more sturdy and durable, which save you from future repair issues.
  • Don’t Fall Prey To A Quick Fix – Similarly, while searching for the right staircase for your establishment, you must take your time and mindful consideration to make a decision before committing to one. Be aware of a short-term solution. Although quick fix might get your job done quickly, it is usually of low quality and doesn’t last long. So, make sure you take enough time to make the right decision.

Let’s Look At The Tips To Install Your Staircase Properly

  • Make sure you get the delivery of the stair close to the time of stair installation, ensuring least time of site storage. If required, store them in well-ventilated, and clean place to keep them safe from damp and direct sunlight.
  • The minimum space over the flight and landing needs to be 2m.
  • Make sure you provide support to the stairs until all fixings are in place.
  • The final size of the stair should be different from the sizes measured on site.
  • Make sure the stairs you’re installing are strong enough to support loads of both the balustrades and the flights.
  • A handrail alone can’t work as a safety barrier. You need to install the full guarding system to prevent slip and falls.
  • Use the staircase only when you’re sure that it is properly fixed in place.

If you need more information on installing Stairs in Brooklyn, NY, call us – Second Generation Wood Stairs. We are the leading manufacturer of wooden stairs in Staten Island, NY.