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Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Curved Staircase

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Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Curved Staircase
Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Curved Staircase

Many factors can affect your decision to get curved staircases installed in your house. These stairs are elegant, economical and can help save a lot of space, which is why they are a favorite of many. However, there are lots of questions that pop up in one’s mind when they are considering to get a curved stairways.

Curved Stairs

Let us have a look at some frequently asked questions that customers ask prior to buying these staircase.


How much time is required to install this staircase?

On average, a curved stairways can take between ten to fifteen working days excluding manufacturing time to become fully functional. The process would include measurement, drawings, manufacturing, delivery and fitting. Manufacturing can take up to four to six weeks depending upon the details.


What is the cost of curved stairs?

The average cost of curved stairs is around $4000. However, customizations and specific design requests can escalate the prices.


Who can help in planning the staircases?

Qualified professionals can help in the planning of curved stairs. They can give you details about latest designs, materials, and products.


How can I get a quotation from vendors?

Usually vendors require the floor plans along with material specifications to provide a quotation. If you are not sure about what material to use, then the manufacturers can suggest you certain options.


Can I do it myself?

While some products can be installed easily, staircases do require the services of qualified professionals. A skilled and experienced team can install the stairs perfectly and you can relax.

Budget Stairs? What are they?

Stairs ranging from $1000-$3500 are considered as budget stairs. They are affordable and are a great value for money. One can avail consistent quality budget stairways at an effective price.

Hence, if you also have similar questions, then do not hesitate in consulting a professional manufacturing firm. They will answer all your questions and would be able to provide the best options depending upon your budget and needs.