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Common types of stairs to suit every home

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  • Common types of stairs to suit every home
Common types of stairs to suit every home
Common types of stairs to suit every home

Over the past few years, the staircase has progressed to hold the main attention in the home. They not only serve the purpose of going from one floor to another but also enhance the curb appeal of the house. Like clothing, footwear, and jewellery, it is no surprise to see the latest trends in staircase design. There are numerous different types of staircases for residential as well as commercial buildings and each has its own benefits. The craftsmen at Second Generation Wood Stairs are extensively experienced and they weave a magic to give your perfect stairs in NY.

Whether you’re planning to remodel or construct a house requiring a staircase, it is a crucial thing to consider the best-suited staircase for you and your home. One should consider things such as the form of the area where the staircase will be installed, is it for the main or supporting purpose, and how often it will be used.

There are various different materials, adornments, and styles which can be used to get your personalized staircase, but here we will exclusively discuss the different types of stairs and their suitable spaces.


  • Arched staircase – The arched staircase is the synonym of elegance and royalty. In this, the steps are wedge-shaped, but because of its arch shape, tapering of the steps is not prominent. Their graceful appearance makes it suitable to be placed in foyers and entryways.


  • Straight staircase – The straight staircase are most popular and widespread. This is because they are functional, most-effective and convenient. The classic design has evenly spaced treads located straight across the trajectory of the staircase. The natural simplicity of straight staircase makes it best matched with minimalist homes and interiors. If you’re searching for more practical stairs, a straight staircase is a right choice for you.


  • Quarter-turn staircase – A quarter-turn staircase is basically a straight staircase with one 90 degrees turn at some point. It is also often called as L-shaped stairs and includes one or more landing. The presence of landing makes it safer and convenient as compared to straight stairs. The quarter-turn staircase is perfect for corners, as it easily goes along with the available space in the house.


  • Half-turn staircase – This type of staircase requires a considerable amount of footprint and can be magnificent in design. It has 180 degrees turn, but not in a switchback style. The upper and lower parts include a space in between them.


  • Spiral staircase – The spiral design is definitely one of the most interesting designs. All the treads are wedge-shaped and consistent in design. They are ideal for a secondary staircase and save lots of space.


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