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4 Reasons to Opt For Curved Stairs

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  • 4 Reasons to Opt For Curved Stairs
4 Reasons to Opt For Curved Stairs
4 Reasons to Opt For Curved Stairs

Many people consider curved staircases as an ornament they glamorize their home with. Curved staircases have been in existence since the medieval times. While they were used to put attacking swordsmen at a disadvantage during the medieval warfare, today they are considered more of a lofty architecture design.

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Curved staircases are graceful and can add to the aesthetics after a place has been remodelled or has incorporated extra living space, like an elevated sleeping area. Like any other home decor feature, a lot of points have to be taken into consideration before installing a spiral staircase in a home.


Here are four pros of curved staircases and why you should install one in your home:


  • 1. They Create Space: One of the biggest advantages of curved staircases is that they create a lot of space. They occupy less space as compared to regular staircases. If you are putting up in a room that is couple of storeys’ above, a curved staircase is an exceptional idea. But there is a trade-off, space taken by a curved staircase is inversely proportional to gradual climb. Gradual climb will take more space, while a steeper climb will consume less space.  


  • 2. Affordable Prices: Curved staircases are available in sizes that can fit in standard spaces easily. They are easy to assemble and affordable. If you’re working under a tight budget, curved staircases can be a great asset.


  • 3. Pre-assembled Products: Pre-assembled staircases are also available in the market; there are many options to choose from as compared to kits or regular stairs. You can opt for wood or metal, further modified in different styles or embellishment. Since you have more options to choose from, you can customize your curved staircase perfectly to synchronize with your home.


  • 4. Discretion: Spiral staircases can be used at second staircases. They are aesthetically well versed and provide a refreshing variation from the central staircase. These stairs can be concealed behind screens. Curved staircases are great value addition to your home if you are planning to sell it.


Keeping in mind the advantages of curved staircases, it is up to a user to decide if they will compliment the house or clash with the existing design. It is important to take all the pros and cons into consideration before installing a curved staircase at home.