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4 Elegant Designs for Wooden Staircase

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4 Elegant Designs for Wooden Staircase
4 Elegant Designs for Wooden Staircase

If you are building a house that has more than one level, you will need to install a staircase. It can greatly enhance your décor as a well designed staircase can lend a sophisticated look to your home.


You can choose any type of staircase such as curved stairs, spiral stairs, U shaped stairs or L shaped stairs. There are as many options in materials and you can choose from metal, wood or glass or even a combination of different materials.


Despite the wide range of options available, you must choose the design and material that suits your tastes and especially your building layout. One of the most popular material and design combinations, however, is the wooden spiral staircase.


Wooden spiral staircases are not only functional but also beautiful and elegant. Wood also naturally looks more beautiful as time passes by and it can be easily maintained.


There are lots of designs that can be used to make a spiral staircase and designs are as important as material. Some of the designs available today are quite exquisite and artistic.


Some of the attractive and elegant designs for your stairs, that can elevate the stairs from simple décor to a beautiful works of art, are listed below:


  1.    Walnut design: It is a combination of dark wood, straight solid walnut step with the gracefulness of curved lines. The support posts are not visible and this gives a floating look to the staircase.


  1.    Goodwin project: This is space saving modern staircase and is best for interiors of home with that have space limitations. It will open up your room and give it a modern feel.


  1.    Spiral staircase slide: It is a fun spiral staircase with a slide for kids. This is one of the best ways to enhance your stairs.


  1.    Flyway drive stairs: Flyway drive stairs comes from the upper level. These can be designed with a combination of white wood molding and paneling with the brown wooden. It gives a traditional look in every sense.


The biggest advantage of spiral stairs is their compactness. They take up minimal space and for this reason extensively used in city lofts. If you have always wanted a staircase such as this in your home, contact professionals to make one for you. A spectacular wooden staircase can change the whole look of your home.